Living in the Now.

Living in the Now.

Where do you live, or rather, where does your mind live? Do you spend the precious moments of your presence reliving the past, or are you focused on the future, on what could be rather than what is? Are you angry, or disappointed, are you impatient, or anxious; what are you feeling?

Close your eyes for a moment.

Notice where your thoughts first wander.

Wherever they go, don’t stop them from going. Give your mind the freedom to think its own thoughts, subconsciously. In the meantime, with your eyes still closed, feel your heart beating in your chest. Don’t find your pulse, remain completely still, allow your conscious mind to find your heart. Let it hover there, as your body rises and falls with every breath it takes.

Notice how, for a moment, you had forgotten about your subconscious self and its frantic dissection of past and future events or occurrences. Notice how, for a moment, you were completely present.

That feeling of being grounded in the energy your being radiates is peace. You are at peace. You are at peace amongst the chaos your mind creates, so breathe in.

Breathe out, and breathe in again.

Find solace in simply being.

I Choose Life

I Choose Life

My brain has spent the past month curled in the corner of my head between the thesis of an essay I have yet to complete, and the knowledge that I’m am completely insignificant, the knowledge that my life, your life, will inevitably end. And, maybe its depression slowly worming its way back into my head, dragging curtains of anxiety across the panes of whatever it is September was supposed to be, or maybe its just me.

Maybe its just me.

But I’m right, aren’t I? In the great scheme of the universe, from the milky way to galaxies we haven’t dreamt of discovering, we are nothing. I am nothing, you are nothing.

If you had told me that a week ago I would have shut down, emptied myself of emotion, and refused to accept reality for what it is, but today, I smile. I smile because there is beauty in insignificance. I smile because life is beautiful, because we are life, because I’ve been blessed with the light of living, with the ability to feel, and connect, and grow.

And maybe there’s no reason, but this is life. This moment, right now. I may not have the future, but I have the present, and what I do with it is completely up to me.

Centre yourself, allow yourself to fall into the flow of Earth’s rhythm, into the rhythm of 8 billion hearts beating as one, rising and falling, and breathing. Always breathing. The past has already been claimed, the future is uncertain, and life is being lived, right now.

Let go, and live.




Saturated starlight, stories, pages without ink. You don’t live here, you live there, in a world created out of contrasted gigabytes, and the death of conversation.  Worlds that depend on your ignorance, a currency developed out of the consumerist being that lives inside of us, teaching generations to become a race of copy written features, lost without the static of life not lived, of dreams that end in the syllables of words we create because we’ve lost the motivation to be a species that looks up rather than down, that laughs rather than inserts a fragile lol.  how to live outside this universe our obsessions have become. To create, to laugh loudly, without the echoes of streamed happiness running through our minds, to fall in love, to find ourselves, we must look to the universe inside.

Put down your phone.

(Who are you really?)

The Skin We Live In

The Skin We Live In

We  live to be defined, to be labeled: white, black, fat, skinny, our lives are without worth if we aren’t looking to achieve whatever definition of normal society adopts. We as humans are no longer recognized for our successes and ideas, but by our bodies. We are our bodies.

We’ve forgotten that who we are lies beneath this skin we live in. Our bodies are the vessels we inhabit, a place of temporary existence, the carriers of our minds and our souls, not our worth. Your stretch marks, scars, imperfections, they are merely evidence of your being alive.

There are unknown depths swimming inside of you, pools of ideas and creative ambition that have yet to be explored. So spend less time hating yourself, and more time discovering who you really are.

You are not the skin you live in.

Loving Your Pieces

Loving Your Pieces

My Grandmother used to tell me that happiness comes with peace of mind, I never understood what she meant. What is peace without happiness, what is peace without peace? Peace, according to a dictionary I found on the bottom shelf of a local bookstore is: ‘freedom from disturbance; a form of quietness, or tranquility.’

However, as I’ve struggled to live a life that inspires peace both mentally and spiritually, I’ve noticed that peace is not a nirvana, it’s a lifestyle. Peace is a form of living that comes with a positive outlook, and a genuine striving to build healthy relationships with the universe, the planet, and the world around us. So what’s in the name, Piece of Mind? Firstly, it’s a phrase, not a name. It’s a sort of mantra, one that I hope encourages the embracing of all of your pieces. The pieces of your mind, the pieces of your soul, the pieces of your body, all the parts of you that make you you. Peace comes with acceptance of individuals seen as fragments of the universe’s being. Peace comes with acceptance of yourself.

Happiness does come with peace of mind, but only through the loving of its pieces.

‘You Are What You Eat’

‘You Are What You Eat’

‘We are what we eat,’ or rather, more metaphorically: we are what we consume. We are the books we read, the poetry we write, the art we lose ourselves in, the music we listen to, and the movies we watch. We are, each of us, a collage of past experiences that make us who we are. Our lives over time become a reflection of everything we’ve ever seen, heard, hoped for, and felt.

However, there must be a balance between the beauty of an inspired life, and the danger of developing a negative view of reality. While you as a natural-born consumer will inevitably spend your life in its entirety taking in the world around you in all of its forms. You do have the power to control what you expose yourself, and your mind, to. Are you listening to music that drowns you in a past you thought you’d left behind? Are you watching movies that keep you up at night thinking about everything that’s wrong with the world? Where is your mind, what’s going on inside of your head? A positive lifestyle comes with the letting go of anything that keeps you from embracing yourself and your passions, anything that holds you back.

So question yourself, challenge your mind, ask yourself why you feel the way you do, and why you think the way you think. You do have control over your mind, however unknown its depths may be, even if you don’t realize it yet.

You are who you want to be. You are what you ‘eat’.

So create yourself, feed yourself, grow yourself.